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Alhambra Cinema cannot close: 10 compelling reasons against cinema closing.

Alhambra Cinema is threatened to close if we do not contribute to reach the necessary amount of money to buy digital machinery, which is essential to guarantee its continuity.

There are many reasons why we feel impelled to mobilize to save this cinema, among which the following 10 stand out:

- Because it is a local institution settled in a centenarian modernist building, in the historical centre of La Garriga, a village that defends Modernism.

- Because it is cultural equipment that has been offering cinema in La Garriga for almost 85 years.

- Because in the last 30 years Josep Maria Miró (the cinema manager) and his family have offered a rich, diverse and for any taste programme to either to the locals, people from the area or Catalans.

- Because, apart from offering a wide range of commercial, independent an author films, the cinema has also collaborated with local associations in all kinds of activities.

- Because, far from getting used to a routine programme, the cinema has incorporated, whenever they were available, launchings by directors, actors or producers to its sessions.

- Because the Alhambra Cinema has welcomed the works of local authors, artists or technicians, helping them in their professional success.

- Because Catalan cinema has also been an important issue for this local cinema, being the launching of Catalan films, specially the ones addressed to kids, a priority.

- Regrettably, because this cinema is one of the last cinemas that survives in Catalonia out of shopping malls. An exception to the rule that needs preservation.

- Because, after all, Alhambra Cinema has played an important role in our happiness, our cultural background and in our leisure time as well. Now it’s our turn to show our gratitude towards the cinema.

In conclusion, we ask people from La Garriga, Vallès Oriental area…cinema and culture lovers all over Catalonia to support this manifesto.

We ask too, depending on everyone’s economical possibilities, to contribute to the campaign promoted by Cineclub La Garriga to save the Alhambra Cinema.

Thank you very much for your support!

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